Just in Case

Being both author and manager of this blog, when I venture into the blog statistics page, I get to see things like what search terms people are googling to get here. Usually this is straightforward, occasionally it’s amusing—I can often tell which searches are meant for the other Danielle Evans, and having a long and unusual book title means that there are a lot of ways people misremember the title and end up here anyway. Lately though—I don’t know if it’s the holidays, or finals, or what—when I’ve looked at the search data, there have been several daily searches by people who seem to be seeking information on how to actually suffocate themselves. Maybe you all are playing around, maybe you all are writers or doctors or seeking information about the mechanics of such a thing for purposes of education or curiosity, but if you are in fact seeking information to use to hurt yourself, please, please don’t. Here is one resource for help in crisis.

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