NPR! Gifts! Links! Candy!

Ok, there’s no actual candy. But, I will be reading with Gary Shteyngart as part of the Pete’s Candy Store reading series in Brooklyn, this Thursday (December 16th) at 7:30.

Also, here are some gifts that are better than candy: I recommend some of my favorite 2010 books for NPR’s “outsider fiction,” list.

NPR was also good enough to have me on All Things Considered, to talk about the collection. The book also made Alan Cheuse’s list of best winter fiction, along with O Magazine’s list of the year’s top 10 books. I haven’t updated the reviews and press section in a while, but thank you also to all of the lovely people who have blogged about the book of late. I’ve also recently done interviews with Color Online and The Story Prize blog.

Finally, if you are in a book-related charitable giving mode, I had the occasion to meet some of the lovely people at 826DC. They are doing good work, and are collecting volunteers, office supplies and equipment and donations.

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