Upcoming Events and Advanced Praise

On June 10th, I’ll be reading with Martha Southgate and Lauren Grodstein at Brooklyn Reading Works at the Old Stone House. The theme of the reading is “People Make Mistakes”: http://onlytheblogknowsbrooklyn.com/2010/05/30/brw-presents-people-make-mistakes-fiction-curated-by-marthat-southgate/ On June 12th, I’ll be speaking in a panel on learning to edit your own work at American Independent Writers’ annual conference, on GW’s […]

A Note on the Collection’s Title

I just answered a series of publicity questions about the book, and since I really love the title, and people sometimes ask me about it, I thought it would be worth expanding on my discussion of the title here.  The title and epigraph of Before You Suffocate Your Own Fool Self come from The Bridge […]

Smart Conversations About MFA Programs

   This post is a little late and very long, so most of it is below the jump. Per my previous post, I do not believe that MFA programs are killing US literature, or that they do more harm than good. I do believe though that they do some things much better than others, and […]

Stupid Conversations About MFA Programs

I waited so long to have a blog that it turns out I actually have a lot to say about MFA programs, so I’ve divided this into two posts: one about the legitimate conversations we might be having about MFA programs and what they can and can’t do, and one about the stupid conversations that […]

The Book as Physical Object

A few weeks ago, I got the galleys of my short story collection in the mail. Although it still needed to be proofread, and printed in its official hardcover form, holding the book in my hand made me truly start to think of it as “real.” I thought about this in light of the ongoing […]

Musings on the Black Book Section

A while back, I wrote a short piece for PEN American, working through some of my ambivalence about the “black book” section in a lot of US bookstores. Here’s the opening: I first understood what people meant when they spoke of intangible white privilege when I realized that I read differently than other people. Literature […]


I just got back from a week of being spoiled rotten at the Hald Writer’s Retreat in Denmark. Hald is a lovely manor in the Danish countryside, which offers longer residencies throughout the year, but I was invited for a week, along with five Danish writers and four other US writers, as part of a program sponsored by […]

Bio and Links

If you have gotten here by accident, I am not the Danielle Evans who won America’s Next Top Model, Danielle Evans the martial arts champion, Danielle Evans the photographer, or any of the other people who share my surprisingly popular name. I am a fiction writer and professor of creative writing and literature. My work […]