New Year, New Events

Happy 2011! I’ve updated the events page with information about January and February readings and appearances.

4 thoughts on “New Year, New Events

  1. Danielle,
    Why do you suppose that some book stores have separated out African American authors? (“Urban Authors”). I have a call into BooksAMillion asking them this, but so far they have ignored me. I intend to keep bugging them for an answer. What is your take on this? I tried to find a comment I thought you had made about this in the Post but I lost it. And, by the way, I just finished your book “before you suffocate your own fool self” and really enjoyed it. It has such depth to it. Congratulations.

  2. Hi Taylor,

    I’m glad you enjoyed the book. Most of my thoughts on the question you asked are in this essay I posted a while ago:

    And yes, someone is monitoring this blog, but that someone has a full time teaching job, a novel to write, and as you can see from the updated event page, a fairly full travel and reading schedule, so it will probably be a little while before you see more substantial blog updates.

    1. Of course you are busy. What was I thinking? Thanks for your response. The article you mentioned is thought provoking. I appreciated your point of view as a teenager. Here is another point of view; I imagine taking a handful of students to a book store such as Books-A-Million and giving them $20. “Go shop.” I promise you within minutes I’d have my Black students looking at me saying, “Why is only one table of books for the Black kids and all the other tables for the White kids?” I know that’s how they’d perceive it. I wouldn’t even know how to answer that. Until then, I’ll keep thinking- and maybe even test it out and take those kids to the book store afterall 🙂 I appreciate your meaningful work.

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