Rumors of Plot’s Death Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

  Lately I have been lobbying (well, lobbying from the deadline imposed isolation of my apartment, so mostly lobbying to my cat, but now to all of you fine folk) for more recognition for plot. Plot has a bad reputation. To call something “plot-driven” is to call it tawdry and anti-intellectual and unconcerned with things like language and […]

Let Your Subconscious Do Its Job

Last weekend I had a great time at the AIW conference, where I was on a panel with David Taylor, Paula Whyman, and Mary Kay Zuravleff. We started off talking about editorial strategies– how to gain a sense of perspective about your own work– but in the Q and A, the topic of abandonment kept […]

Southern by the Grace of… Amy Hempel?

I’ve just finished reading an advanced copy  the 25th anniversary edition of New Stories From The South, guest edited by Amy Hempel. My story, Someone Ought to Tell Her There’s Nowhere to Go, which was first published in A Public Space, and will also be in my collection and in this year’s Best American Short Stories, is included in […]