Totally Hip Book Review

I’ve been trying to avoid super extra shameless self-promotion by posting new reviews on the reviews page, instead of the main page, but I am making an exception for Ron Charles’  Washington Post review, because a) there’s a snazzy video involved (Alas, I am not snazzy enough to figure out how to embed it, but the link should work b) It’s really fantastic when reviewers not only like the book, but really “get it,” c) As evidenced by the fact that typing “The Washington Post,” and “get it,” in close prioximity caused me to say aloud The Washington Post: if you don’t get it, you don’t get it,  The Washington Post is my hometown newspaper, and I grew up reading it, way back pre-internet, and so there’s something really special about actually being in it. On that note, wonderful as the video review series is, I would encourage you to snag a copy of the print edition, if only to see the really lovely Edel Rodriguez artwork that accompanied the review.

P.S. Also really excited about this review that ran yesterday at Postbourgie

P.P.S I do not endorse bacon.

2 thoughts on “Totally Hip Book Review

  1. I just wanted to let you know that I read that profile of you in the Post today, and I was amazed by your maturity even as a young child. (It brought tears to my eyes.) I love your perspective on the region (I’m a Northern Virginian, born ‘n raised) and your precociousness as a child (I was in G/T in elementary and middle school) and appreciated your willingness to share your struggles and frustrations with your identity and how others treated and perceived you. I also think that only white people see America as being post-racial. (FWIW, I’m a white guy engaged to a black woman, and I do worry about whether our future kids will have identity issues.) I hope your book does well and you keep on writing.

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