DC Reading and other Fanciness

I’ll be reading Friday, September 24th at the Barnes and Noble, Bethesda Row (right off the red line, near the Bethesda Metro). It’s my first post-book release reading, and my first hometown reading, so I’m looking forward to seeing my friends and family, who will hopefully still be speaking to me once they’ve actually read the collection.  Event details here: http://store-locator.barnesandnoble.com/event/67129

Also, it has come to management’s attention that we’ve been a little heavy on the shameless self-promotion of late. We still care about the physical book, and race, and thanking people, and we have things to say about Great American Novels and books we love a lot, and plan on saying them as soon as we finish grading journals and reading books and drinking a few glasses of champagne because we are in fact, a little shameless, and we’ll only write a first book once and even though we are still not the Danielle Evans who won ANTM, seeing our book on Gawker makes us feel a little bit fancy.

One thought on “DC Reading and other Fanciness

  1. bought my copy last night! for reading this weekend.

    while in the bookstore … somehow i had missed that “someone ought to tell her” was not only in the southern writing anthology but also in best american. congrats!

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