News! Links! Apologies!

Let’s start with the apologies: It’s been a while since I have had time to post anything substantial here. That’s not for lack of interesting writing related news: I have things to say about Huckleberry Finn! I have things to say about The Help! I have things to say about the march-madness-for-writers that is the […]

Just in Case

Being both author and manager of this blog, when I venture into the blog statistics page, I get to see things like what search terms people are googling to get here. Usually this is straightforward, occasionally it’s amusing—I can often tell which searches are meant for the other Danielle Evans, and having a long and […]

NPR! Gifts! Links! Candy!

Ok, there’s no actual candy. But, I will be reading with Gary Shteyngart as part of the Pete’s Candy Store reading series in Brooklyn, this Thursday (December 16th) at 7:30. Also, here are some gifts that are better than candy: I recommend some of my favorite 2010 books for NPR’s “outsider fiction,” list. NPR was […]

Upcoming Events

On Monday, November 8th,  at 6:30, I’ll be reading in DC at the  downtown Borders.  I hung out there a lot as a kid because my mother’s office building was across the street, so it will be fun being back as an adult. Speaking of growing up, the 8th is also my birthday, so I’ll […]

This is how it works, you peer inside yourself, you take the things you like, and try to love the things you took…

That’s from Regina Spektor’s On the Radio, which is where I have been quite a bit over the past few weeks. Here I talk to Celeste  Headlee at The Takeaway Here I talk to Bob Johnson on Blog Talk Radio about lying, race, happiness, adolescence and Northern VA.  Here my slightly underslept and giggly alter ego talks to T Hetzel on […]

Totally Hip Book Review

I’ve been trying to avoid super extra shameless self-promotion by posting new reviews on the reviews page, instead of the main page, but I am making an exception for Ron Charles’  Washington Post review, because a) there’s a snazzy video involved (Alas, I am not snazzy enough to figure out how to embed it, but […]