1) I always forget how pretty the Smithsonian grounds and National Mall are. I’ve been hanging out there, writing with pen and paper, and taking museum breaks. I’ve also been wandering around neighborhoods where portions of my novel are set, picking out actual locations for my character’s fictitious homes. Luckily, as confirmed by numerous airport security workers, I look substantially incapable of nefarious action, and no one has yet reported me for casing their house.

2) The King of a Vast Empire, a story from my collection, was featured on Five Chapters this week. All five sections of the story are now up.  

3) Ms. Magazine published an excerpt of the story Snakes in their summer issue, which is now on newsstands.

4) I am really excited about the series of readings I’ll be doing surrounding the book’s release. Check the events page in a week or so for full details once everything is pinned down. Also, if you are a friend or loved one or would like to be, check your inbox soonish for an invitation to a party featuring books, liquor, and chocolate.

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