A Note on the Collection’s Title

I just answered a series of publicity questions about the book, and since I really love the title, and people sometimes ask me about it, I thought it would be worth expanding on my discussion of the title here.  The title and epigraph of Before You Suffocate Your Own Fool Self come from The Bridge […]

The Book as Physical Object

A few weeks ago, I got the galleys of my short story collection in the mail. Although it still needed to be proofread, and printed in its official hardcover form, holding the book in my hand made me truly start to think of it as “real.” I thought about this in light of the ongoing […]

Bio and Links

If you have gotten here by accident, I am not the Danielle Evans who won America’s Next Top Model, Danielle Evans the martial arts champion, Danielle Evans the photographer, or any of the other people who share my surprisingly popular name. I am a fiction writer and professor of creative writing and literature. My work […]